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About Us


In our continuous effort to be a step above the best in the industry, we assure total customer satisfaction by providing flawless and quality HVAC systems.

Air-conditioning systems for comfort applications like offices, Pharmacy Applications, Restaurants, Server Rooms, Residence, Studio Areas etc assuring uniformity of temperature and humidity conditions all across the areas.

Our ‘Design & Bid’ approach to the projects has given us an edge above our competitors I.e. the site is surveyed by our technically competent representative, customer requirement is studied and analysed. Preliminary design is worked out, quoted accordingly and the system is discussed with the client. Necessary changes are done as per the suggestions and clients requirement to achieve an economical and feasible solution.


Aircool Services (ACS) is an engineering based firm with specialization in Heating, Air-conditioning Systems. We anticipate a great role of good engineering in the field of Air Conditioning system in the present era. We proposed to provide professional service in there areas.

We also undertake consultancy projects for a wide variety of applications. Such as:

•    Offices
•    Residential Premises
•    Hospitals
•    Marriage Halls
•    Factory

A professionally managed company, Aircool Services has a pool of talented engineers and technicians with wide experience and extensive knowledge of the Air conditioning industry, backed with the technical expertise of BLUE STAR LTD, a company with 5 Years of experience in HVAC industry. Our team of highly qualified engineers is always striving ahead in the march to still better performance.

Customer Satisfaction – the prime objective of Aircool Services has helped us to grow at a rapid speed in a short duration.

The services offered by us includes detailed engineering, qualified execution & commissioning team and an instant after sales service to keep our customer thoroughly satisfied. ACS has an ambition expansion program and plans to add more products to its existing range in the near future.

The experience of our personnel varies from 1 year to 15 years.